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Application for two steps or down the NWS categories

No, he can apply for recommended or one category down size of plot.

No, he can apply for the recommended or one category up size plot only.


Booking for general Public…. Coming Soon 

Developer’s Strength

Developer has been selected after inviting proposal from eight different firms and after detailed negotiations and assessment developer has been selected.

Extension in the date of payment of down payment

Down payment date has been fixed and cannot be changed.


Near to Brahma Interchange Wah Taxila.

More than one plot

NWS will decide in due course of time.


No, full down payment is to be paid along with the application.

Yes, his installment can be adjusted by NWS accordingly to extra payment.

Additional amount for corner/main boulevard plot will be due at the time of handing over the plot by developer.

NWS is studying the proposal and will inform the employees.

Yes, He can deposit the full price of the plot along with the application.

Yes, additional amount over the down payment is acceptable.

Price fixation formulae

Maximum benefit has been given to low paid employees i.e. SPS 1-3 while fixing price.

Proposal for Construction of Houses

Yes, NWS will help employees by getting proposal from the developer.

Provision for contract employees

Yes, NWS has provided guide lines for contract employees.

Provision for Officers

Yes, Officers can also apply for NWS plots.


NWS has put safeties in the contract and all employees who will deposit full payment will get the plot.

Sale of plots

Yes he will be free to sell the plots in open market after getting NOC from NWS.


Yes, security requirements have been worked out by NWS with NEST City management.

Town Planning

Commercial area will be developed alongwith the residential plots simultaneously.

Yes. All requirements such as schools, hospital, park and graveyard have been included in the planning.

Accordingly to the location the streets shall be between 30-50 ft wide according to the sizes of plots.

Visit to the site

NWS will announce the date after which site could be visited.